Born in Ivory Coast in 1994, Josue Comoe, who came to France when he was 7, lives and works in the Paris metropolitan area. At the age of 16, he started to model for luxury brands such as Chanel. He subsequently trained in photography at the prestigious Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (National School of Decorative Arts) in Paris. However, it was through painting and drawing, then practiced as an autodidact, that he decided to express himself. 
Reaching for transcendence, Josue portrays the souls and the complexity of our beings with his own codes. Josue Comoe makes up his own pieces as pictures, impressive portraits, up front paintings built from this dark light from where emerges shapes. Combining economy of means and refinement, he is willing to show faces with powerful graphic, where the black ink of the ballpoint pen creates an abyssal depth in the surface drawn, simultaneously of a rythm and a vibration. 
He said: "I want, to create pieces which call for transcendence, pieces that yearn for the better, something good and great. There really is an important part of spirituallity in my pieces."
It is in this mystical dimension that Josue's art is expressed. It is appropriate to observe it as a mirror involving an infinite quest for self and for the other.
His first exhibition, in April 2018, was a great success. Since then, Josue as shown and shared his art in different countries such as Greece and the U.S. His art was covered by Afropunk and many French media which sees in him "The new iconoclastic and promising Artist". 


2019 Le Noir comme Couleur, Schwab Beaubourg Gallery - Paris, France

2018  La lutte , Espace 33 - Paris, France

2015  L’Homme de son temps, Rosny sous bois, France



2019 Forum St Louis, Eglise Sainte Croix - Berlin - Germany

2019 Exposition (Dé)masqués, La Galerie Africaine x Galerie Insula - Paris, France

2019 Healing through Art, Het Bos - Antwerp, Belgium

2019 Performing Arts Mosaic, BKLYN Commons - New York, USA

2019 Portraits, La Galerie Africaine - Paris, France

2019 Conversations, La Galerie Africaine - Paris, France

2019 Empreintes, Abbaye de Vinetz - Chalons, France

2018 The Myconian Collection Art Show, Myconian Villa Collection -Mykonos, Greece!

2018 Journée Mondiale de la Culture, Maison des étudiants -Lyon, France

2018 Arts Afrique, Palais des Congrès - Paris, France

2018 Journée des Droits des femmes, Palais des Arts - Marseille, France