MAR+VIN is a duo of Brazilian fashion photographers Marcos Florentino and Kelvin Yule. Marcos and Kevin had a desire to unify their different visions and thus revolutionize fashion photography. This mission led them to become one of the rising stars of the Brazilian creative scene.


Marcos was born in a small village in the northeastern region of Brazil. During his childhood in the Brazilian desert, he developed his aesthetic and creative skills. There he also explored his passions in handwork, from drawing, oil painting and sculpture to sewing. His strong visual identity and eye for the small details contribute greatly to the duo’s works.


Kelvin was born on the coast of Bahia, also in the Brazilian’s northeastern region. He formed his inquisitive personality mainly during college, where he studied journalism. He stands for the increasingly political aspect in the duo’s fashion photography, which is sophisticated and polished, but at the same time evokes important questions and meanings.